Desert (with two s’s)

A zine about the co-reliance of two desert beings. 

     Our moths arrive

     They meet in the yucca blossom.

     They mate.


     The female injects her fertilized egg into the pistol of the
     yucca blossom and fertilizes the flower.


  She flies away, while her young develop in the fruit of the yucca.


 The larva eats the fruit and when old enough, emerges. 

    It burrows underground, creates a cuccoon, and develops into a moth.

    Hand numbered and Printed on Risograph. 


    Art Director/ Illustrator: Noah Smith
    Co-Writers: Noah Smith & Kate Hodges
    Research: Kate Hodges
    Cover Design: Phil Robles
    Zine Assembly: Phil Robles

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles